For Geeks, By Geeks

First off, an introduction. Hi! I’m Courtney, more often known online as ‘Kika’. I got involved in fandoms online back in the early 2000’s when JRR Tolkien took over my life. I’ve met most of my best friends through fandom, and despite joining new fandoms quite often, I have never outgrown it, even as I moved on to get married and have a kid.

Fandom Finery got its start in 2012, when my son was a year old and starting to show signs that, like myself, he had eczema. Store-bought soaps were irritating his skin, so I looked into natural, gentle soap I could make at home. The resulting bar reminded me of a certain detective’s sidekick’s jumpers, and so the John Watson was born.

Bar of goat's milk and oatmeal soap.
John Watson, an unscented goat’s milk soap with oatmeal.

The idea of making soaps based on characters stuck with me, and a week later I made the Sherlock Holmes soap, and from there it just snowballed! I now offer over 50 character soaps, with plenty more on the way.

Fandom Finery’s soaps are made to be gentle on skin, with soothing, moisturizing ingredients like goat’s milk, olive oil, and aloe. Each character’s scent, color, and textural additions are tailored to their personalities and experiences, and I’m always open to suggestions on new characters and fandoms to feature.