Solo Things

Welcome to this Week of the Geek! This week we have some cool new trailers for you to catch up on, as well as some news about upcoming television shows and movies. Check it out!


We got a deeper look into Stranger Things this week with the release of season 2’s final trailer. This season’s monster is revealed to be a shadow monster in the sky, with the sheriff taking a proactive role in helping the kids deal with the new threat. The show’s main cast is all returning, with the addition of Sean Astin, in the season premiere this upcoming Friday the 27th.


Fans have long been waiting for the title reveal of the upcoming Star Wars prequel featuring the dashing Han Solo, with many speculating that the long wait is due to a creative, possibly even spoiler-y title. This week, that title was announced — Solo: A Star Wars Story. Fans had mixed reactions to the somewhat lackluster title, but it doesn’t seem to have made anyone less excited for the movie.

The Black Panther trailer premiered this week, with fans clamoring to share and watch it over (and over and over) again. The trailer showed off the technologically advanced country of Wakanda, and showed the country’s new king in his element, with fantastic music running throughout. I think it’s safe to say most Marvel fans, myself included, can’t wait for this one.

The master of anime movies, Hayao Miyazaki, can now show off his work in higher definition than ever before. Gkids has licensed the Studio Ghibli movies and wasted no time in releasing these classics on Blu-Ray. Nerdists’ review claims there is a discernible difference in the art, making these a timely release right before the holidays, for those of you with Miyazaki fans as friends and family!

We have a director – Gore Verbinski – and we have a star – Channing Tatum – and it would appear that, for now, we have another release date: February 2019. Getting Gambit to the big screen has been a long, drawn-out struggle, but fans are hopeful that this time around we’ll actually get to see the movie about the fan-favorite mutant.


This week’s recommendation is a web series by Nerdist called Because Science. If you’ve ever wanted an attractive man to explain the science behind all of your favorite fictional worlds, this series is for you. My favorite so far is when he calculated the density of Legolas to determine how he could walk on snow.

That’s all for this Week of the Geek! Come join us next week to learn all about the latest pop culture news.

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