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Week of the Geek 9/10/17

Welcome to Week of the Geek! This one’s a little short, and a little late, but I figure this way all the Florida folks will have some good news in their inbox when the power comes back on, right? What can I say, I live to serve… and also to procrastinate. Onto the news!


IT opened in theaters this weekend to record-breaking numbers despite many theaters in Florida being closed due to Hurricane Irma. The movie looks like it’s going to be the biggest fall release and September premiere, and could be well on its way to breaking even more records.

Star Wars made waves this week by letting go of its director for Episode IX, Colin Trevorrow. For many, the move came as no surprise, due to the director’s spotty success record and reputation for being very stubborn and opinionated about his projects — not necessarily a good thing on a Disney-controlled franchise. There is no word yet on Trevorrow’s replacement.


At the end of season 3 of Gotham, we got to see the first glimpse of Bruce Wayne as Batman — or at least, as a masked vigilante who we assume will morph into the Batman we know and love over time. As part of the promotion for season 4 of the show, Fox has released a featurette about the transformation and other behind-the-scenes goodies. The show premieres on Fox on September 21st.

Everything Else

Sadly, the comic world lost another legend this week: Len Wein, creator of Swamp Thing and Wolverine, and editor of Watchmen. Wein spent decades working for DC Comics, Marvel, and Disney Comics, leaving an impression in the industry that won’t be soon forgotten.

With the west coast on fire, Texas underwater, and Florida dealing with Irma, we could probably all use some cheering up. To support that effort, please enjoy this video of Chris Evans being reunited with his dog after 10 long weeks apart:

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Black Panther Bebop

Week of the Geek: 6/10/17

Welcome to this Week of the Geek! There’s a few things to cover today along with the first and arguably most important…


BLACK PANTHER TRAILER! I try to cover all geek news with the same basic level of excitement but that’s useless here — I’ve waited for this trailer for what feels like forever. It’s beautiful, gorgeous, promises a fantastic movie, and I have nothing bad at all to say about it. Also: it opens with Bilbo interrogating Gollum, so good luck unseeing that.

Entertainment Weekly’s upcoming issue is going to include the first photos coming out of the Mary Poppins sequel, and they look incredible. The movie, starring Emily Blunt and Lin-Manuel Miranda, is currently scheduled for release in December of 2018.


Arguably the biggest geek news to come out of this week was the announcement of a live-action television series for Cowboy Bebop. The anime classic is set in the future and follows a crew of bounty hunters through space, and is considered by many to be one of the best anime series of all time. It certainly introduced anime to a whole new set of Western viewers, as it was the first anime ever broadcast on Adult Swim. Fans of the original series met the announcement with some skepticism, but many are excited to see how the new show will turn out. The new series is being co-produced by Sunrise Inc, the same company that made the anime, giving many hope that the remake will go well.

If you watch a lot of British telly, chances are pretty good you’ve at least heard of Misfits, the cult hit about juvenile delinquents who gain superpowers. While the original British version has a large following, the announcement of the American remake a while back didn’t seem to excite fans; after all, American remakes of British shows have a history of not going well. However, the show seems to be moving forward with the announcement this week of casting of four of the five main characters. Ashleigh LaThrop, Tre Hall, Allie MacDonald, and Jake Cannavale were announced to be in the upcoming pilot. However, the part of Simon, originally played by Game of Throne’s Iwan Rheon, has not been announced — having seen the original, I can confirm whoever gets it will have some big (and creepy) shoes to fill.


Pokemon is coming to the Nintendo Switch! Except it’s actually not. A ‘clerical error’ listed the upcoming game on the Nintendo page as coming to the Switch, sending fans into an excited frenzy. However, Nintendo soon followed up with what was basically ‘whoops, our bad’, saying “This listing on the Pokemon press site was made in error and is not indicative of future plans.” Many disappointed fans who have been asking for a console version of Pokemon for quite a while are angry with the company in the wake of the mistake.

While there are next to no details available about the project yet, Variety broke this week that a Playstation VR experience about Breaking Bad is in the works. So far, we don’t have a release date or plot, only that Sony is working with Vince Gilligan, the show’s creator, to produce the project.

On Wednesday Square Enix announced the upcoming Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, a “team-based brawler” that will include at least 20 playable characters from across the Final Fantasy franchise. The game is scheduled to be released in early 2018 on Playstation 4.

Thanks to Ubisoft being leakier than the Titanic, we know a lot more about the upcoming Assassin’s Creed than we necessarily should. Past leaks have let fans know that the game will be taking place in Egypt and given glimpses of some of the merchandise we might expect, but the latest leak is a little more substantial: a release date. According to next month’s Game Informer cover story – which of course leaked – the game is set to come out this October.


Adam West, best known as Batman from the iconic 1960s series, passed away Friday night. After a brief bout with leukemia, he passed away with his family by his side. West was a mainstay on the pop culture convention circuit for many years, and for many people, their first exposure to comic books.

Thanks for joining me for this Week of the Geek! See you next week!

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