Raising Pacific Rim

Week of the Geek: 10/7/2017

Welcome to this week’s Week of the Geek! We have a few cool trailers and teasers to show you this week, but not a ton of news, possibly due to NYCC being this weekend! The big comic cons always seem to draw the big trailer releases now, so maybe we’ll get some new footage or news after the con is over.


This is one of those times where I have to admit I have no objectivity, because y’all, I just saw the new Pacific Rim: Uprising trailer and I am ready for it! I absolutely love Pacific Rim and the trailer for the sequel gives me hope that the second one will be just as great. Sadly, we have to wait until next year for it: the movie is slated for release on MArch 23rd, 2018.


Last week we got to show you the first stills from Marvel’s Runaways, and this week we have a teaser! The show follows the children of supervillains. They happen to see their parents performing a human sacrifice, and end up working to bring down the group known as the Pride. The first season premieres next month, November 21st on Hulu.

Fans of Doctor Who have reason to celebrate, as it was announced this week that the BBC and Fathom Events are once more teaming up to bring the Doctor to the big screen! This year’s Doctor Who Christmas special, which will see both Pearl Mackie and Peter Capaldi saying their farewell to the series, will be screened in theaters across the country. Tickets go on sale on October 20th, and if you’re interested you can set up an email alert here.

If you saw the short Raising Dion that swept around social media last year, you’ll be excited to know that it is now slated for a Netflix series by the same name starring MIchael B. Jordan. There is no release date yet, but production is set to start next year. Check out the short film above for an idea of what to expect!

That’s all I have for you this week! See you for the next Week of the Geek!

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